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the largest selection of pro audio recording equipment... anywhere.

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Hours:  Mon-Fri  8:00am-5:30pm  (evenings and weekends on call & by appointment)

2805 Bransford ave - Nashville, tn 37204 - 615 279 RENT

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What began as an idea for an overdub booth, in the garage at home, has developed into one of the world’s most in demand recording studios. No stone is left unturned, offering every possible option on the audio palette.

Unparalleled Inventory

 The largest inventory of it's kind, anywhere in the world. Specializing in pro audio recording equipment spanning the history of the industry from the beginning to modern current day items giving the user an extensive and diverse selection. From everything you have heard of and seen, to rare collector one of a kind items. Esoteric and unusual items as well as typical high end pro audio gear. Over 1400 vintage and current up to date modern microphones. A wide assortment of models and types. Also, an assortment of small PA systems, video projectors, projection screens and other AV items for rent, all at competitive rates.

Rental Terms and Info:

We are here and open for business at 9:00am-6:00pm weekdays unless prior times are scheduled. 

We are on call weekends by appointment.

4-7 days is a 4 day rate (4/day week). We also do 15-30 day rate, (15/day month). Longer rental terms are negotiable regarding items and time.

Delivery is available in the Nashville Area for various fees depending on the rental and location.

In order to rent from us we'll need the location of use address, phone number, ID, and credit card. Payment by debit card, check, or cash, is fine, but we do require a credit card for security if you do not have an established account with us. To establish an account with us we require all the previous information and a certificate of insurance liability, (Accord Form 25,) showing Blackbird (loss payee,) as an added insured for the replacement value and rental period of the equipment rented. If an insurance certificate is not provided, the full replacement value must be pre-authorized on the card you provide until the order's return in full.

Unless we deliver your order, we require FedEx overnight shipping both ways. UPS is acceptable if it's on your account. We recommend charging the shipping to your credit card or overnight shipping account, since shipping on our account will incur a 15% mark up.

While "walk in" and same day service is available, we ask that you please, schedule your order as far in advance as possible.

Thanks for choosing the Blackbird!


2805 bransford ave - nashville, tn 37204 - 615 279 RENT