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Burl Audio is proud to announce the new B2 Bomber ADC now with Dante connectivity.

Burl Audio has redefined recording in the digital age with its revolutionary converter design, and now Burl Audio has adopted the audio-over-IP format which has become the de-facto industry standard for pro audio, film and broadcast.

Dante is a high channel count, low latency, fully networkable audio-over Ethernet technology, which allows any number of interfaces and computers to speak to one another via a standard Gigabit Ethernet network. Until now digital audio routing has been limited by point-to-point digital connectivity, which was either proprietary, or based on outdated standards with limited run lengths.

Running multiple B2 Bombers and B80 Motherships from any computer with an Ethernet jack is now possible.  And now any digital gear including mixing consoles with Dante can now directly interface with the B80 Mothership and the B2 Bombers.

There are many audio brands coming up with a multitude of ways to use Dante.  Burl Audio can speak to them all and they all can have the Burl sound.

ATC 20 / 25 Demos


Now available for 1 day free demo at Blackbird Audio Rentals!


Subsequent days at special rental rate. Call or email to set up a demo today.


Check the links below for specs and more info:


Introduced in 1960, the U 67 was the quintessential studio workhorse 
throughout the formative years of modern music. Today, more than ever, 
its inimitably smooth sound continues to be in high demand.

Now, for the first time in decades, Neumann’s legendary tube 
microphone is back in production, built to the original specifications.

In stock now at Blackbird Audio Rentals - $100 per day introductory rate - $150 per pair!

If you ever wondered what a new U-67 sounded like new in 1960, now is your chance! 

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